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Traveling the lands of Sillis by Mistress-Jaeden Traveling the lands of Sillis by Mistress-Jaeden
Its Kiera again, I had this picture in my head, and just had to shit it out, My model was Adriana Lima (shes so hot)

I used a total of 87 colors,
it is 100% pixel shaded,
mix between MSP and PSP,
Damn psp for its color replacement tool and its select tool, But hey, It made for a wicked sky.
Its dimentions are 831x348 ... wich was an accident :D I made it about 50 pixels wider then I wanted for my banner on AP :D The Mountains I made quite a while ago, I decided to recycle them because I love them so much XD yes they are a repeatable image :)

1 weeks work, Kieras head alone was 20 hours, I lost track after that, You can critique if you want but I wont be changeing any of it I gave it my all and Im 100% happy with it.

I would however, LOVE to recieve comments from you all on what your favorite parts are XD


[link] <--- those are the only saves I still had from the whole process ^_^ thought Id share for kicks

*edit* YOU MAY NOT USE OR EDIT THIS IMAGE TAKE PARTS OF OR ANYTHING OF THE SORT! I will not grant permission through notes either, I will NOT let you use this image for editing purposes. Thanks!
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Daily Deviation

Given 2005-05-21
Behold the glory of this pixel piece! Traveling the lands of Sillis by ~Mistress-Jaeden is a real eye opener with its colors and beauty. And you wonder why pixel artists keep on doing what they do! ( Suggested by gas13 and Featured by halfliquid )
Mistress-Jaeden Featured By Owner May 19, 2005  Professional Artist
Mine too! all of my friends say her eyes tho O.o
WolfzBlood Featured By Owner May 19, 2005
her eyes are like very alluring cuz of that colour...
Eira-Nai Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2006
I like the hair the best. o.o
I hope I am the first comment. Jaeden I absolutely adore this picture. I can't find anything wrong with it. Your shading style is amazing.
wilson1 Featured By Owner May 19, 2005
OMG this is way cool, congrats!
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May 19, 2005
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